A hearty beggining, and a good welcome from the Oshawa Punx!

So a big hearty hello to all my blog readers! I’d just like to mention that this would be my first time blogging on the Internet, it’s quite a new experience, but so far I’ve found it to be quite easy and enjoyable. I’d personally like to thank a fellow blogger Peter, at http://www.toastarcade.wordpress.com for helping me with the start up and content ideas on my blog. Thanks!

So, If you’re living anywhere in the Durham region within the next two weeks, there’s alot planned, and a few big events going down by Sept. 8th.

The Dungeon, a local bar and live entertainment pub I work at is hosting two big events that are sure to please audiences far and wide.

Coming up this Sept. 7 is an Alternative Show playing at the dungeon, featuring Emmure, LifeRuiner, A textbook tragedy and more. The cost is only 10 dollars at the door, and starts at 7 pm.

Emmure Poster

On Sept 8th straight through the ninth The Dungeon is hosting Ska Fest, and annual event thats sure to skank the hell out of your night! It’s only a 12 dollar price tag, and starts at 4pm, featuring amazing Ska bands like The Bagatellies, Stop Drop’N’ Skank, Cheap Suits, Keepin’ 6, Jen Militia, Staylefish and many many more bands. It’s sure to be a blowout event, most likely carrying on till the early morning.

Ska fest!

Here’s a vid of the band Hostage Life playing at the Dungeon, hardcore punk band.


~ by unseenyouth on September 2, 2007.

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